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African Wisdom!

If people do not like themselves, you should not tell them to like you! ~Mamprussi I shall be away for next week….Leaving in the morning…back next Sunday evening… See you Monday, 9th May.  

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Week-end Whoopee!!

At the final dinner of an international conference, an American delegate turned to the Chinese delegate sitting next to him, pointed to the soup and asked somewhat condescendingly, ‘Likee soupee?’ The Chinese gentlemen nodded eagerly. A little later, it was … Continue reading

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Weird Words of Wisdom!

All the world’s a camera – look pleasant, please! ~North American.

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Finding a Piece of Truth..

One day Mara, the Evil One, was travelling through the villages of India with his attendants. He saw a man doing walking meditation whose face was lit up in wonder. The man had just discovered something on the ground in … Continue reading

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Wilde Wit!

Fashion is what one wears oneself; what is unfashionable is what other people wear!

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Wit for the Week!

He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That clearly points to a career in politics. ~George Bernard Shaw.

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Tea Cups…..

A student asked Suzuki Roshi why the Japanese make their teacups so thin and delicate that they break easily. “It’s not that they’re too delicate,” he answered, “but that you don’t know how to handle them. You must adjust yourself … Continue reading

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African Wisdom!

They catch an ox by its horns, they catch a man by his words. ~Tsonga

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Week-end Whoopee…

Two men were standing next to each other in a bar. One was still sober, the other already tipsy. The tipsy one swayed towards the sober one and said: “You have to go easy on the drinking, you know. Your … Continue reading

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Weird Words of Wisdom!

To be a complete man one should have spent three years at a public school, one at a university… and two in prison! ~Russian.

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