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Week-end Whoopee!!

At the final dinner of an international conference, an American delegate turned to the Chinese delegate sitting next to him, pointed to the soup and asked somewhat condescendingly, ‘Likee soupee?’ The Chinese gentlemen nodded eagerly. A little later, it was … Continue reading

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African Wisdom!

A crime was committed, and nobody confessed. A wise judge brought all the suspects together in one room, and declared, “I know which of you guilty. The guilty person has a feather on his head.” Upon his saying this, one … Continue reading

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A Tad Too Clever?

A defendant isn’t happy with 
how things are going in court, so he gives the judge a hard time. Judge: “Where do you work?” Defendant: “Here and there.” Judge: “What do you do for 
a living?” Defendant: “This and that.” … Continue reading

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