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Week-end Whoopee!

I love telling jokes. But whenever I get started my wife picks up her knitting. Why would she do that? Probably because your jokes are so old that she needs to keep her hands busy to avoid strangling you…..!

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God as Mother!

There are some temples where God is worshipped as Mother. In one of these, in the state of Bengal, She is represented by a large stone image. The sculptor has carved, in stone, his idea of the Mother of the … Continue reading

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Tea Cups…..

A student asked Suzuki Roshi why the Japanese make their teacups so thin and delicate that they break easily. “It’s not that they’re too delicate,” he answered, “but that you don’t know how to handle them. You must adjust yourself … Continue reading

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Forgetfulness is a form of freedom. ~Kahlil Gibran.

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A Little Talking Bee…

One sunny morning, a little boy was looking at the flowers in the garden. Suddenly, a little bee came and sat on his nose. He was afraid that the bee might sting him. He stood very still. Then the bee … Continue reading

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Upon a day Beauty and Ugliness met on the shore of a sea. And they said to one another, “Let us bathe in the sea.” Then they disrobed and swam in the waters. And after a while Ugliness came back … Continue reading

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