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Wilde’s Wit!

“My dear father, only people who look dull ever get into the House of Commons, and only people who are dull ever succeed there.” ~Lord Goring in ‘The Ideal Husband’

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Four Burning Candles!

In a room there were four candles burning. The ambiance was so soft you could hear them talking. The first one said, “I am PEACE, however nobody can keep me lit. I believe I will go out.” It’s flame rapidly … Continue reading

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Week-end Whoopee!

Recently my boss told me that I was the only one on his staff who could not be replaced by a computer. What can he mean? Perhaps he meant that so far they’ve not invented a machine that does absolutely … Continue reading

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Weird Words of Wisdom!

One who steals a little, is hanged; One who steals much, goes by carriage! ~Estonian

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Wilde’s Wit!

When I had to fill in my immigration papers, I gave my age as 19, and my profession as ‘genius’; I added that I had nothing to declare except my talent.    

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It Will Pass….

A student went to his meditation teacher and said, “My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!” “It will pass,” the teacher said matter-of-factly. A week later, the … Continue reading

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African Wisdom!

Whoever wants all…. tells the rest to be contented! ~Ugandan

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Week-end Whoopee!!!

A seventeen-year old was inadvertently stopped in a traffic check in Zurich. “Where’s your driving license?”, the policeman asked. In embarrassment, the youth answered, “I had always assumed you didn’t get one until you are eighteen.”

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Weird Words of Wisdom!

One is received according to one’s coat; one is dismissed according to one’s brain! ~Russian.  

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Wilde’s Wit!

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. 😇

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