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Week-end Whoopee!!!

Two Swiss lawyers were sitting in a restaurant, talking shop. One of them called across to the waiter and asked: “Does anyone here have a copy of the Swiss Criminal code by any chance?” The owner immediately went up to … Continue reading

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Week-end Whoopee!!

A Swiss was asked whether he believed in heredity: “Of course, at least, that’s how I came by my money!”  

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Week-end Whoopee!!!

A seventeen-year old was inadvertently stopped in a traffic check in Zurich. “Where’s your driving license?”, the policeman asked. In embarrassment, the youth answered, “I had always assumed you didn’t get one until you are eighteen.”

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Week-end Whoopee!!!

“Snails are our speciality”, the head waiter of a Bernese restaurant informed the guest. “I know, I was served by one yesterday!”

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