African Wisdom!



A crime was committed, and nobody confessed. A wise judge brought all the suspects together in one room, and declared, “I know which of you guilty. The guilty person has a feather on his head.”

Upon his saying this, one of the suspects put his hand on his head.

After seeing this, the judge said to him, “You are the criminal!” and the man thereafter confessed his crime.


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Retired! Enjoying the Autumn days of my life. A Joy to do nothing and then rest afterwards.
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5 Responses to African Wisdom!

  1. gillyk says:

    Wonderful! Nigerians were so much better than us at reading body language, knowing the human heart and putting the two together. Wisdom indeed, and love the feather.


  2. menhir1 says:

    Pity it is not always that simple. The Chines have a fascinating forensic history.

    Nice ‘wisdom’.

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  3. menhir1 says:

    Sometime, I shall, if I remember, tell the true tale of the ‘wisdom’ of the Chinese forensic evidence, which makes exactly the same point, Bushka. It is fascinating how different cultures come up with the same outcomes, story, or otherwise, but through the use of similar human psychology. 🙂

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