A Little Talking Bee…


One sunny morning, a little boy was looking at the flowers in the garden. Suddenly, a little bee came and sat on his nose. He was afraid that the bee might sting him. He stood very still. Then the bee gave him a wink. The little boy was shocked.

“Excuse me, little boy. I thought you were a flower,” said the little bee and flew away. The little boy was very surprised.

Think carefully and react wisely when you experience something new.

About Bushka

Retired! Enjoying the Autumn days of my life. A Joy to do nothing and then rest afterwards.
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8 Responses to A Little Talking Bee…

  1. Disha says:

    Scared..if I touch my screen to hit a like it would it sting me 😉

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  2. deacongill says:

    Nice! Unexpected 😉

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  3. Gradmama2011 says:

    charming… and the BEE is wonderful! What a great photo… 🙂

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