Getting to know Me….



It is tragic to see human beings pursue their lives in a manner that betrays their dependence on other human beings; even more tragic when the insularity and isolationism are extolled as positive virtues to be espoused.

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Retired! Enjoying the Autumn days of my life. A Joy to do nothing and then rest afterwards.
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12 Responses to Getting to know Me….

  1. Good one. I like this. xx

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  2. deacongill says:

    Our individualism is a curse, I believe. We behave as if each of us is the centre of the universe. We need to learn one of nature’s most precious lessons – that we are all interdependent.

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  3. We really have a lot to learn and how we treat the planet.

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  4. ueberwald1 says:

    I hope I got it right:
    Es ist tragisch anzusehen, wie Menschen ihr Leben in einer Weise führen, die Verrat an ihrer Abhängigkeit von anderen menschlichen Wesen bedeutet, ja sogar noch tragischer, wenn Provinzialität und Abschottung gar noch als positive, nachzuahmende Eigenschaften hoch gelobt werden.

    It is important to deliver a message that one cannot saw off the bough on which one is sitting for the sake of a happy individualism.

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